As well as the standard range of BS EN594987 products, our teams are trained and accredited to lay the following proprietary products:

  • BBA HAPAS Clause 942 thin surfacing systems
  • Industrial heavy duty stone mastic asphalts (Masterphalt/Masterdrive HD, SMAtex, Superflex)
  • Domestic driveway surfaces (Prodrive, Viadrive, Masterdrive)
  • Coloured resin based asphalts (Mastertint, Synergy in Buff, Red and Green)
  • Grouted macadam support coat systems (Densiphalt, Hardicrete)
  • Permeable asphalt to comply with SUDS directives (Drain Asphalt)
  • Sports and Leisure surfaces (Playmaster, Courtmaster, Leisuretex)